Tudy Guapo Goes Mafioso On “The Bad Guy”

Tudy Guapo Goes Mafioso On “The Bad Guy”

They say good guys always finish last, that must be because Tudy Guapo, also known as the bad guy keeps winning. The Santa Ana, California native rose from the bottom into an extremely successful entrepreneur who has juggled his rap career while earning a fortune. His unparalleled work ethic has made him Southern California’s most consistent artist of the past two years as he’s released a total of 8 projects in 15 months. Never devoid of material as Tudy lives the ultimate playboy lifestyle. However, instead of it being a distraction it serves as the fuel to his fire, releasing music you can vibe, party and ride to. Tudy’s worked with the cream of the crop Los Angeles artists including Fenix Flexin’, Bino Rideaux, Bravo The Bagchaser, AD, Rucci King Lil G and continues this behavior on his new project.

“The Bad Guy” is a five track EP which shows Tudy in his modern day mobster mode, getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it and putting out hits, musically. The project features a memorable mafioso verse by Stinc Team member Ralfy The Plug, and an incredible guest appearance by West-Coast hitmaker Chris O’Bannon. 

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