Malaynah Raps Laps Around The Competition On “In My Whip”

Malaynah Raps Laps Around The Competition On “In My Whip”

Malaynah is striving to put Boyle Heights on the map & is doing so with her latest release titled “In My Whip.” With an intriguing pop-like intro, the track begins with a confidence that is only empowered more once the beat drops. As Malaynah’s flow falls seamlessly alongside the beat, she expresses how much a privilege it is to catch her attention. It’s not only about physical attraction though as she emphasizes that the passion & work ethic one holds must match her as she’s used to being an independent woman. Unlike most, she states how her company is a luxury & although it’s nice to have someone around she can also live without it.

From writing in her bedroom to rapping in the mirror at a young age, Malaynah’s confidence has been strong since she began her music journey. Over the years that followed there were performances within her schooling that eventually led to family gatherings & actual live shows. As she continues to deliver new music she hopes her talents place her city & herself in the right position to continue creating.

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