Get Familiar With Capo Corleone & His Introspective New Single, “Supersize”

Hip-Hop has been a rollercoaster over the last 10 years. While we’ve received an influx of young, engaging talent due to DIY-centric services like Soundcloud and Audiomack, many of those same artists have had to deal with the trials and tribulations of the music business on their own. Adding to the notion that many of these kids were already dealing with mental problems, and we were met with a generation of talented artists who did not know how to cope with their emotions. Hailing from Los Angeles, Capo Corleone is not one of those artists. As an executive and an artist himself, he’s seen many of these aforementioned tragedies, and he speaks on them in his new single, “Supersize.”

On the surface, “Supersize,” seems like a scolding of young rappers, but it’s far from it. Taking a deeper listen, Corleone does his best to educate, albeit aggressively, as he speaks on better ways to maneuver throughout the industry. Taking advantage of the upbeat production from DJ Dister, he utilizes the time to also showcase his abilities as a lyricist, chopping through the record in a visceral way. In all, the single serves as a great introduction into the year for Corleone, who seems prime to have a big one.

Check out the single below and get hip to Capo Corleone.


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