Xavier Creates a Sore Winners Anthem With “Confetti”

Xavier Creates a Sore Winners Anthem With “Confetti”

When legends such as Tom Brady and LeBron James are crowned champions, it is tradition for them to immediately be showered in confetti as they parade around the field of play waiting for their respective trophy to be presented to them. A byproduct of the celebration however, is the runner ups are also showered in confetti by proxy as they shamefully walk off the field in defeat. If you’re a sore winner, you get even more satisfaction watching this process play out. Southern California artist Xavier created a song about this very matter titled “Confetti”. After his own share of victories in the last few years he was inspired to create this winners anthem with lyrics like “flow raw like Eddie, might be a little petty, send opps confetti, never really had a look, still gon’ be up in the getty”. 

Capitalizing on the success of his 2020 campaign which saw his music be placed on NBA’s 2K21 soundtrack, “Confetti” is Xavier’s first release of 2021. Xavier also remained extremely consistent as he released multiple high quality videos which helped boost his brand’s image to the top floor. 

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