Chicago Rapper, Bravoo Hunnidz Connects With StoopidXool For Their Engaging New Project, ‘BravooStupid”

Chicago rapper Bravoo Hunnidz, who’s been working with Texas’ most influential rapper Diego Money for some time now, has released a bold new project with BravooStupid, a collaboration with acclaimed producer StoopidXool. Together, the two refine their sounds for a magnificent unison of their aesthetics, further pushing Bravoo to the forefront and showcasing StoopidXool’s unique producing style. If you want to get a glimpse at the future of rap’s next generation, look no further.

Bravoo Hunnidz is a multi-talented rising rapper with a work ethic that outshines most of his peers. With dozens of projects and nearly 100 songs in the vault still to be released, Bravoo is using the beginning of his career to build a massive foundation for the world to stand upon as he establishes his wide variety of sounds: from addictive melodies to tongue-twisting raps. He’s on a mission to expose the world to his music, the concept of “BING,” and an endless list of creative endeavors to realize his true scope as an artist. 

Stream BravooStupid below.


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