DoKnow & DaHawmies Paint Pictures of LA Their Way

DoKnow & DaHawmies Paint Pictures of LA Their Way

DoKnow has been making a buzz online, blowing up on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, and he’s not stopping there. The LA creative is not one to be boxed in a certain category and is coming for the streaming platforms. 

DoKnow has been repping hard for the city of Los Angeles, but on January 22nd he pulled up with the Hawmies and dropped his debut album alongside Jakarta $lime titled, “Doknow & Da Hawmies.” The 11 track album has guest appearances from local cats and close friends Doeman, Dener, Double P, Coyote, Yelo Hill, N7, Pwap, Widit, Peysoh, ITBEMG, and Da Hawmies. The project features production from Cypress Moreno, Matt Brick$, Coreycail, Prez Sinatra, 10Grand, Cashbah, OTM, Don Alfonso, and DJ Icee. 

Born and raised in Echo Park, DoKnow was initially known for tagging, an integral part of the city’s culture. It is through this outlet that his creative expression began. From the album cover down to the beat selections, you can feel LA throughout the entire project.  

“Doknow & Da Hawmies” is an accurate representation of LA and its evolving sound.

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