BBKnight Returns With His Best Project to Date, ‘Beautiful Boy’

BBKnight Returns With His Best Project to Date, ‘Beautiful Boy’

While 2021 has gotten off to a crazy start, one of the silver linings has been the amount of good music that we’ve been blessed with in the past 2 weeks. What started off with Playboi Carti’s surprise Christmas release, turned into new long-awaited projects from other artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Mac Ayers, Lil’ Durk and others. Looking to double down on an incredibly impressive 2020, rising rapper BBKnight throws his hat in the ring as well with his anticipated new project, Beautiful Boy.

Clocking in at 32-minutes, Beautiful Boy is an engaging 12 tracks that showcase the progression that Knight has made in the last year. Opting largely to stay away from the Pluggnb/Juggnb sound that his fans have known him for, he instead utilizes his abilities to create a more refreshing, upbeat sound that sounds tailor made for the big leagues. On songs like, “Mathematics,” he showcases his knack for melodic direction, while on records like, “Nickname Should of Been,” we hear more of his natural vocals as he showcases his underrated abilities as a lyricist over the thumping production from Vilo.

Other standouts on the project include, “Home Base,” a boastful banger with a great appearance from HeartbreakIcy; “Pack Yo Shit,” an icy auto-tune ballad that finds Knight realizing his worth and ditching a straggler and, “4 Way.” Produced by OB and Fernospazzin, “4 Way” is the definitive song on this album and actively showcases Knight at the current height of his powers. With inclusions on two of Apple Music’s bigger Hip-Hop playlists, it seems the powers that be agree.

Take a listen to the album below and get familiar with BBKnight.


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