1TakeJay Hops On “No Rental” Remix W/ PettyPetty

1TakeJay Hops On “No Rental” Remix W/ PettyPetty

Rising Los Angeles rapper PettyPetty is back with a remix to his street smash “No Rental” from his collaboration project ‘AlPetty’, with producer Mike Almighty. The remix features an incredibly energetic verse by L.A. hit-maker 1TakeJay. While Petty’s original verse remains, the song begins differently as Petty’s voice immediately appears in acapella form followed by Mike Almighty’s sinister keys. 1TakeJay kicks off his verse by proclaiming “I’m riding round in some shit with no miles on it”, and ends it by verbally dropkicking fake instagram flexers with the bars “I seen you post the double R seats, that ain’t it foo, please return the rental, that ain’t yo shit foo”. As Petty’s extremely productive 2020 comes to a close, he looks forward to 2021 with more projects in the works as well as more collaborations with Drakeo The Ruler, Desto Dubb, 1TakeJay and more.

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