San Diego’s Flxwz Releases His Engaging New Album, ‘202’

Finding new artists was one of the bright spots in an otherwise bleak year. With everybody tuned into their screens like never before, we were blessed with content from all angles at a breakneck pace, leaving you with plenty of options. With this came an array of new creators that have now become mainstays for new consumers. One of the artists experiencing a rise this year is San Diego native, Flxwz (pronounced Flows). After dropping a handful of singles to get the buzz started, he doubles down with his impressive new project, 202.

Clocking in at 25-minutes, the 9-track project is just right as far as length goes, settling right in between the bloated 20-track albums and 3-song EPs that are popular in today’s landscape. Produced mostly by Tre Castro, the chemistry between he and Flxwz is apparent immediately, as the duo’s strengths mesh together perfectly Mixing his unique vocal patterns with Castro’s infectious production, the two create intriguing records like, “Expensive Taste,” and the album’s best song, “Hood Bop.” Over up tempo drum patterns and melodically driven synths, Flxwz showcases some of his best work on this track, highlighted by his interpolation of Aaliyah’s classic single, “Rock The Boat.”

Other standout tracks on here include, “4 The Night,” “Wake Up,” and, “OG Park.” Co-produced by Jayblapz & Castro, this is one of the rare moments on the album where we get to see Flxwz showcase his chops as a rapper, as he delivers one of the best verses on the album.

Take a listen to the album below and get hip to San Diego’s newest export.


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