“Youngest In Charge” Shows It’s Killio’s Bity, We’re Just Living In It

“Youngest In Charge” Shows It’s Killio’s Bity, We’re Just Living In It

Los Angeles rapper Killio continues to defy the odds. Although he’s only 25 years old, the artist has already had a lengthy career, recording his first song 10 years ago when he was 15 years ago. Since then, he’s produced smash records, inked a deal with No Limit Records, as well as had to serve time behind bars. With all those experiences, he’s been heralded as a general in his section and the youngest in charge. He’s decided to paint a picture and encapsulate this time in his life with his new project “Youngest In Charge”. The West Adams District native put together a high powered featuring some of LA’s best new artists including White John, Big Sad 1900, and Slumlord Trill. The production is handled by Cypress Moreno (credits include Tee Grizzly, Meek Mill, Shoreline Mafia), Matt Bricks, and platinum producer Beat boy. 

Youngest In Charge kicks off with “Jump Out” an energetic statement track to internet thugs, and opposition alike with lyrics like “in the streets n***as hoopin’, we shooting jump shots, n***as say they lurkin, but what block?” over sinister Matt Bricks production. “Stranded in the Rain” displays Killio at his most vulnerable as he and Slumlord Trill about drowning in pain over a scintillating piano-heavy instrumental. The project reaches it’s peak as the Cypress Moreno produced and White John assisted “Perk Party” flows into the aggressive, pull up anthem “Drop a Pin, followed by the testy “Not Patient” standout track. Killio closes out Youngest In Charge with the wicked “Grabba” as he proclaims “I’m just sparking up this grabba it’s your dead homie, top shotta I’m moving just like the feds on me”. Killio proves why he’s the youngest in charge with his latest offering, this is his bity, we’re just living in it.

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