YS Releases Wintry “Cold Hearted” Project

YS Releases Wintry “Cold Hearted” Project

If there was a list of Compton’s most consistent artists in 2020, YS would be at the top of it. The 20 year old remained focused and productive in a year filled with tragedy, and hysteria. He has now released two projects and ten videos in a 12 month span. His latest project, “Cold Hearted” features Sada Baby, Guapdad 4000 and WS Boogie. This comes only months after his widely acclaimed “Street Icon” project with platinum producer Ron-Ron. 

YS explores his ability to mix his signature aggressive delivery with melodies over guitar and piano heavy production on “Cold Hearted”. The frigid tone of the project begins with “Hard Times” as YS paints a vivid picture as he recalls past trauma. “Souls in the Sky” has YS crooning to the heavens about his late uncle and other lost loved ones over twangy trap production creating a standout track. His reconnection with Sada Baby brings the fiery flow out of YS for the first time on the project as he raps “my heart cold, so don’t know just how I feel n****a”. “Match Your Energy” is YS at his most vulnerable, “going through the most, but I’m still here, I guess it’s bittersweet”. The project ends with “Life of Thirty”, his most evenly concocted mixture of aggressive story telling with melodic hooks is the perfect finale to this wintry project. 

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