Compton Native Young Lawless Shares New Song “Coochie Hoochie” Ft. YN Jay

Compton Native Young Lawless Shares New Song “Coochie Hoochie” Ft. YN Jay

Young Lawless is keeping the momentum going with a new turn up anthem called “Coochie Hoochie,” ft. Yn Jay. Lawless, who also goes by Fatboy Law, is a Compton, California native and puts out high-energy projects every time he releases music.

Lawless has a sound that can be described as having a certain catchy-ness that makes audiences want to listen, and sometimes dance. He has managed to build an organic, supportive fanbase and has capitalized off that momentum with other releases such as This Is Not A Real Album. His turn-up anthem “Coochie Hoochie” serves as a great reminder as to what he’s truly capable of as a rapper and storyteller in general.

“Coochie Hoochie” is the first released track from his upcoming EP that is set to be released in 2021 called Psychoactive. Lawless said that the project will include features from artists such as Sukihana, Steven G, Compton Menace, and Kevin McCall.

Lawless (real name Na’Shaun), started his journey in music as a ghostwriter, he was able to ghostwrite for a few different artists, which is how he got his start in the industry.

“After I graduated high school I did a lot of ghost writing through out the years because I love music and the whole process of creating,” he said. “Now I feel like it’s my time to show people who I am. I’ve been known as a playmaker behind the scenes, now it’s time to show them I can go out there and compete as a superstar player.”

As he gets ready to release his upcoming EP, Lawless wants anybody that listens to his music to know that they are in control of their own fate.

“I just want them to know the decisions you make determines your fate,” FatBoyLaw said. “That’s the message I hope they get from me when they get to sit down and listen to some of my more conscious records. Sometimes I make music just for you to dance and laugh to. But my primary focus is to steer people away from the negative and being more aware of their actions without preaching to them.”

With one last message to his fans, Young Lawless states that “we can make the world a better place if we’re more conscious and start pushing a positive purpose towards helping humanity.”

Listen to Young Lawless’ latest track “Coochie Hoochie” ft. Yn Jay below.

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