Vegas Vocalist, I.Am.Tru.Starr Delivers His Powerful New Album, ‘Viva’

2020 has been a historical year for many different reasons. With the world in such turmoil due to situations like the pandemic and civil unrest, we’ve found ourselves turning to entertainment in hopes of information, a distraction or some combination of the two. Hailing from Las Vegas by way of upstate New York, rising artist, I.Am.Tru.Starr has been doing the exact opposite. Instead, he’s been creating, sort of writing through the pain, of seeing the world in such a flux. Looking to help the aforementioned people who look to people like him during times like these, he answers the call with his amazing new album, Viva.

Clocking in at 27-minutes, Viva is a thought provoking, engaging album that finds Tru establishing himself as a well rounded artist. On songs like, “Selena,” he provides a festive narrative about a beautiful woman that has him vexed, while on records like, “Drake Type Beat,” he lets his guard down a bit more, baring more personal information. Utilizing his vast vocal range, he most notably uses the project to talk about what’s important on songs like, “Killing Me,” and, “Something’s Gotta Give.” Produced by Skylo, the latter was the album’s single, and without a doubt garnered some attention. Speaking precisely on what’s been going on in the World, his poignant words make for an honest, yet necessary, performance.

In all, this album should without a doubt be on your list on albums to immediately listen to. Take a listen below and get familiar with I.Am.Tru.Starr.


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