Bay Area Rapper RonnieMac Turns in His Festive New Project, ‘Mac Friday’

Since the beginning of Hip-Hop, the Bay Area has always boasted its’ own sound. While East Coast rappers were putting the genre on the map nationally, artists like Too Short and E-40 were quietly becoming Rap’s first legacy artists, commanding a whole region. Carrying on that tradition, The Bay has been on the forefront of pushing the boundaries for more than 40 years now. Looking to continue the legacy, rising artist RonnieMac returns to our pages with his thrilling new project, Mac Friday.

Comprised of nine tracks, Mac Friday is a fun, engaging project that finds Mac getting a little more in his festive bag this time around. Utilizing festive production and mixing it with his infectious cadences, Ronnie seems like a less intimidating side of himself on songs like, “Tear it Up,” and, “Love Me,” where he speaks on his love interests, though that notion is quickly dispelled on songs like, “Craig & Day-Day,” where he returns to his more aggressive self. With everything, other than, “Movie,” being produced by Drew Banga, the chemistry between the two is what makes this project so enjoyable. Here’s to hoping we hear more from the duo in the near future.

Check out Mac Friday below and get familiar with RonnieMac.


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