New Jersey Lyricist, mUsa Delivers His Engaging New Single, “Solo”

New Jersey has always had a rich, but underrated history in Hip-Hop. Boasting legends like Redman and Queen Latifah, as well as new comers like 070 Shake, Jersey has always had it’s feet firmly planted into Hip-Hop. Hailing from the city, rising lyricist, mUsa is one of the more refreshing new faces on the scene. After spending much of the year amassing a respectable fanbase on the backs of his recent releases, he resurfaces with his reflective new single, “Solo.”

Produced by SACHY, “Solo,” is an engaging single that finds mUsa showcasing his stout lyrical ability. Buoyed by a vocal tone that fits the eerie production to a tee, he utilizes the 2-and-a-half minutes to let his pen bleed, speaking on the main theme of the record, which is being alone. For many, being alone is scary. For some, it breeds excellence. With the way that this record sounds, it seems that loneliness seems to do the latter for mUsa.

Check out the single below and get familiar with mUsa.


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