Michigan-based Artist Jerome Whitaker Drops Off ‘RoseAnna’ Album

Michigan-based Artist Jerome Whitaker Drops Off ‘RoseAnna’ Album

Jerome Whitaker is stepping things up a notch with the release of his album titled ‘RoseAnna.’ On the self-released 8-track effort, he shows off a new side of himself and expresses himself in new ways that audiences haven’t seen before. Throughout the project, Whitaker opens up and solidifies his position on who he is as an artist, while rapping about the various things that he has gone through as a person.

“I am an artist that young men on their grind can relate to and look up to as an icon,” Whitaker says of his music.

Popular standout tracks on ‘RoseAnna‘ include “Messy, No Messi” and “Play Time,” where audiences get to hear him being vulnerable. The songs are also different than past releases because audiences can hear his authentic voice as it is – meaning that he didn’t rely on the use of autotune or other effects to alter his voice.

Whitaker mostly displays emotional side throughout the project and expresses gratitude for those who have played a role in his journey so far. One example where this occurs is on the track titled “Aaliyah.” Whitaker goes into depth about a woman who has kept him grounded as part of his journey.

As far as his goals for the future, Whitaker says that his ultimate inspiration for pursuing a career in music is to build a “legendary music and visual catalog, and build generational wealth.”

The message that Whitaker ultimately hopes audiences walk away with after hearing his music is: “You can do anything you want to do. Say what you want to say and create anything you want create! Be who you want be and no one can stop you.”

Follow Jerome Whitaker on IG: @ez_ljayy and stream ‘RoseAnna’ below.

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