PettyPetty Subtly Flexes In “No Rental” Video (Produced By Mike Almighty)

PettyPetty Subtly Flexes In “No Rental” Video (Produced By Mike Almighty)

PettyPetty is a 26 year old Los Angeles artist on the brink of stardom. The Crenshaw District native has remained a constant force since he debuted in 2015 then caught fire with songs like “Strapped” featuring Drakeo The Ruler followed by multiple collaborations with Ralfy The Plug and others. Petty’s influence and reverence is apparent as LA’s newest artists continue to request his verses as a stamp of approval. In 2020, he’s been a model of consistency releasing his project ‘Petty Theft 2’ featuring Bravo The Bagchaser and his collaboration project ‘AlPetty’ with Mike Almighty with features from BlueBucksClan, Ralfy The Plug and more. 

Today, he releases the visuals to “No Rental” from his masterful collaboration project with Los Angeles producer Mike Almighty titled “AlPetty”. His nonchalant style of rapping about a luxurious lifestyle is exemplified in the video directed by William De La Torre. Yes he drives a luxury car, no it’s not a rental, yes his shoes are expensive, no he didn’t buy them on clearance, yes he’s pouring a  6 of Wockhardt in his Big Blue soda, no it’s not a big deal, yes he’s always out, no he’s not catching covid. 

Watch the video below.

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