Get Familiar With Los Angeles Native, Trew Uno & His Engaging New Project, ‘Welcome to Hell’

One of the most detrimental things you can do as an artist is to disappear while you have a platform. With so many forms of entertainment these days, just capturing the attention of the masses one time can be a major accomplishment, though doing it twice often turns difficult. Hailing from Southern California, former Believe Digital signee, Trew Uno was an Underground Hip-Hop darling in the early 2010s. After taking a seven year hiatus to get his mind and craft together, he returns with a vengeance on his new project, Welcome to Hell.

Clocking in at 25-minutes, the 11-track project is an appetizer sampler board of all the different styles that Uno has to offer. At the beginning of the project, on songs like, “Feel,” and, “No Fear,” he relies on his lyrical ability to set the tone of the album. Conversely, he switches it up on tracks like, “Chino,” and “What a Loser.” Both produced by Anti, these two records give the best glimpse of Uno’s potential versatility as he and Anti draw from Heavy Metal sounds to deliver two highly energetic tracks. Other standouts on the project include, “Stuck,” and “Absorb,” the latter of which stands as my personal favorite.

Take a listen to the project below and get hip to Trew Uno.


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