Rassy Bugatti Talks Stinc Team Influence, Million Dollar Fugitive & More From Men’s Central Jail

Rassy Bugatti Talks Stinc Team Influence, Million Dollar Fugitive & More From Men’s Central Jail

Rassy Bugatti is a joint. Unfortunately, he’s also currently sitting in the joint, fighting a case which could have him serving football numbers behind bars. On the bright side however, the Stinc Team co-founder is putting out some of the most original L.A. music today with the help of GTL and some of the west-coast’s best producers. Together, they created “Million Dollar Fugitive” a collection of songs which tells the story of a joint, flexing his credentials, and showing how he keeps it creamy whether he’s on the run or sitting in a cell.

I talked to Rassy about The Stinc Team’s influence on L.A.’s current sound, who he grew up listening to, his relationship with Drakeo, how the album came together, when he’s expecting to be released and more.

Are you aware of who’s buzzing out of LA?

Not really, Ralfy back out. 

Do you feel The Stinc had a huge influence on today’s LA sound?

Yeah man, I think we got an influence on all them clowns running around with our sauce.

Who did you grow up listening to?

Hot boyz, cash money all them. Plies.

How does it feel to get some records out in the world while you’re locked behind bars.

Feels good. We feel the energy rolling from right here. Let these n know everything still creamy.

Million Dollar Fugitive is the name of the project, explain to me the meaning behind it?

Talkin about when i was out on the run. Bail out a million, what i was doing while i was on the run, wasnt able to put out that music out.

Talk about who’s been helping you get the music out to the world?

Producers, mgrs, team. Just us and the fam. We don’t have a real team we just support each other.

How serious did you take music before you went in?

Not as serious as I do now, I was running around playing in the streets. I already had money, I didn’t need to rap.

Tell me about your and Drakeo’s relationship.

Thats my cousin, we grew up together, in the same area.  

Do you guys communicate regularly since you’re both in there?

We was in the cell together, we talk on the phone they just moved him out to another cell 3 weeks ago. We was in the hole. We put some music together while we were in there.

Do you think the D.A. has a grudge against The Stinc Team? And Why?

They got it out for us. They tryna break it down. They don’t want us to win. They letting these clowns take our spot. 

How does it feel to see Ralfy, and Ketchy go home finally?

Nah it gives me motivation that they’re out there. We be in the phone with them while they in the studio. They just waiting for us to touch base. 

Who’s on the album?

I got Joog, 96Cris, I got a few features, Bambino, Greedo, Rocky, Anthoe the plug, Wolf of 9th street. 

What’s a dream collab for you?

Rio Da Young OG, Kodak, I really fw hood n*ggas. 

When is Rassy Bugatti coming home?

Man right now, still going back in fourth in court, hopefully in 2 years. Hopefully everything go right. 

Anything you wanna tell then fans?

Ima keep putting music, everything creamy on the side we gonna keep fucking up the city from here. 

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