Bellflower Rapper, N01SES Unleashes His Engaging New Album, ‘The Book of David’

Albums can be more than just a body of music, they can be an experience. For the most talented of artists, the album experience doesn’t stop at when you are listening to the album. No. Instead, it carries over into videos, content drops, easter eggs and sometimes, even sequels. Hailing from Bellflower, CA, rising rapper N01SES taps into our pages with his new album, The Book of David, which is the next chapter in his currently trilogy.

Clocking in at 41-minutes, the 15-track project picks up right where his last project, Memoirs, picks up. Utilizing a knack for elite lyricism, storytelling and an infectious vocal tone that makes almost anything sounds slick, N01SES spends the project speaking on things such as deaths of close friends, struggles as an indie artist and much, much more. Featuring guest appearances by ZenSoul, Julian Stephen and Inland Empire rapper, Trizz. Clicking up with the later, the duo form up on, “Best Friend,” to deliver a standout performance, with N01SES memorializing his late friend and collaborator, SWRV, who was the catalyst for this trilogy along with himself.

With a second impressive body of work under his belt, it should be sooner rather than later that the industry starts to take notice of the talented emcee. Check out his project below and get familiar before the bandwagon fills up.


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