Dread Zoe “Pick One”

Dread Zoe “Pick One”

As Florida continues to spur its culturally provocative influence on the world of pop, Dread Zoe lays claim to the current landscape of music in Miami behind his native Haitian Zoe’s capturing the authentic sonic value of Florida unique to the streets of Miami. In an era gripped by mind-consuming, debilitating loss and pandemic, Dread Zoe stays the course as he reveals the therapeutic value in music has always attracted his undivided attention in its expressive nature to voice every human emotion felt. Showcasing this therapy, Dread Zoe channeled all the emotions stemming from pain in its relationship to heartbreak on record, and approaching his trauma in turn reversed the negative into positive. As it proved to be his debut single “To Be Honest”, Dread Zoe inevitably embarked on this commitment to the music in his leap of faith moment as the rising artist experienced the reception and positive impact of his story on the likeness of his audience.
Influenced by the street visionaries of our generation now cornerstones of culture in Lil’ Wayne & 50 cent, Dread Zoe inspires in his student of the game mentality emblazoned by the understanding that its important to capture every level, layer, and emotion along the way setting Dread Zoe on this relatability unheard of in a genre blinded by the flex. Proud of his humble beginnings exuding his Haitian/Jamaican roots and Miami as his zone, Dread Zoe prepares his upcoming releases and the beauty in the build with this scenario is his family and city will ride with him. Expect Dread Zoe to enter the competitive conversation of Next Up out of Florida.

Today we bring you “Pick One” a banger about selection.

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