Kalan.frfr Talks New Project, Selling Out Novo, The NFL Season & More

Kalan.frfr Talks New Project, Selling Out Novo, The NFL Season & More

Kalan.frfr is an artist we’ve been covering for going on for about four years now. Since his days of splitting time between being a D-1 athlete and releasing music on Soundcloud. To his relaunch as a full fledged artist two years ago, we’ve been fortunate to witness the growth like scouts at the 50 yard line. As he readies to drop his next project, I spoke to him about what he’s been working on, his new hit single “Scoring”, selling out the Novo, The NFL season, flipping off dirtbikes, if he has any new music coming with Bino Rideaux or Roddy Ricch and more.

How you living?

Been producing a lot. Been in the studio working a lot, being productive.

You have the city saying “I know your baby momma wanna eat my shorts.” Did that start out as a joke in the studio or where did that come from?

The beat was hard, Bankroll Gotit made the beat, we was just in the studio shooting jokes, I just was saying funny shit at first then it sounded fire on the beat. We recorded it and kept it.

You’ve been working with artists that are getting pretty big since before they had any clout or popularity, Roddy Ricch, obviously, Blxst, and BlueBucks, are you pretty open to working with anyone if you think they’re dope?

If you hard you hard, I wanna work. I don’t care if you popular or not.

How did you meet Bluebucks?

With Bluebucks, we met on some other business shit. LA is so small, we know all the same people. Their boy Cheetah cat, I grew up him. I actually used to play football against them I just didn’t know at the time.

Almost every L.A. rapper played football against each other. You guys should put a team together.

We do, we play 7 on 7 on Sundays at the park. 

Do you like discovering artists? Is that something you wanna do in the future, run your own label?

Yeah definitely, I already run my own label with my bestfriend Marlon and cousin Charles. One Roof Entertainment. All the homies and I using everything we learned to get this done. 

Are you excited for the NFL season? Who’s your team? Favorite players?

I’m excited. I don’t really have a favorite team though, I have favorite players and they’re my real life bros. Damontae Kazee (Falcons), Mike Thomas (Saints), Desean Jackson (Eagles), Adoree Jackson (Titans), Jayon Brown (Titans), John Ross (Bengals), these are really my guys we grew up together and you’ll see me with them on some regular shit.

Last time I saw you was when you sold out the NOVO, it was a huge night, you brought out brought out Bino, Blxst, Azjah, Shordie Shordie, Bluebucks and the whole city pretty much. Tell me about that night,

That was a great night, I used to sell tickets for promoters to perform. After I finished performing I had to go back to the crowd because I didn’t have a wristband. When I got there how many people were there and how many shows I saw there from the crowd and now everyone in there was there for me and it’s my shit. That was the best high. 

I remember you sneaking into Don’t Come To LA (in 2018), and I was at the door, but I knew who you were and I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t wanna ruin a relationship over $10 and look now you sold out the Novo!

Yeah I remember that I had the $10 I was just being an asshole (haha), but performing at your guys show gave me the confidence and gave me so many new fans. I would literally get 100 or more new followers when I walked out of there. I was performing unreleased music that wasn’t even out yet.

Were you planning a tour before Covid hit?

Yeah I was in New York the Friday they shut everything down. I was about to drop another project too.

Was it “Leak The tape?”

No, another one.

When is that one coming up?

Very, very soon. 

We saw you do a flip on a motorbike on IG, how long have you been riding bikes?

I used to ride when i was younger, but I just started riding again a couple months ago. Last week we rode from Compton to the Nip store. It was like 6 of us.

What gives you a better natural high, making a big play during a big football game or performing your music in front of a large crowd?

Performing my music. Its way more personal. Its a million rappers, but they came to see me. And there’s a million football players, but they’re usually rooting for the team. Also, in Football you get a lot of second chances. You can blow it on one play but make it up on the next. In music you don’t have as many chances.

A while back I saw you and Bino Rideaux in the studio. Are you guys working on a collaboration project?

Not sure on release dates, me and bro gotta get back in (the studio).

Speaking of collaboration tapes, I know you and Roddy did a project together back in 2016, Is there any new music with Roddy Ricch coming soon?

Nah, we haven’t worked, nothing new is coming with us. 

Me and Cypress (Moreno) got some shit on the way. He has one on my tape. He doesn’t send me anything I don’t like. 

What’s next for you?

New Single dropping soon. Shooting more videos. Dropping a tape in October. 

Anything else you wanna tell the people before we get outta here?

Keep streaming Scoring. Follow me everywhere. 

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