Mani Coolin’ Is Ahead of The Class In “Cap & Gown” Visual

Mani Coolin’ Is Ahead of The Class In “Cap & Gown” Visual

Los Angeles native Mani Coolin’ has been at the top of the L.A. music scene for nearly enough years to obtain his Doctorate degree. Mani has been featured on XXL, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator thanks to his lyrical tact, story telling ability and knack for putting together solid projects. “Hope 4 The Youth”, “Here 4 Me Only” and “The Coolin” each told a unique story, capturing a time in his life and creating a relatability with his audience few others can match.

In 2020, he’s graduated to a more braggadocious bravado as he embraces his place in the culture as head of the class. The freshmen on the scene however, are put into their place on his new single “Cap and Gown” as Mani reminds them they’ve only made one song, only sold one ounce, and have yet to put in a respectable amount of work. In this 10 Fifty directed visual, Mani and his cohorts flex their seniority around the city, as they have an aerial view of all the capping going on from their penthouse.

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