Dystopia Pops Pyrotechnics On “4th Of July” Visual

Dystopia Pops Pyrotechnics On “4th Of July” Visual

Allelujah Dystopia is a fiery artist at his core. His stardom started at a very young age as he became a child actor appearing in dozens of movies and commercials. For the past few years however, he’s shifted his focus solely towards music and directing incredible music videos to accompany it. While he’s released a slew of music videos racking up nearly 100 thousand views, his latest single “4th of July” is his greatest work yet. 

4th of July rings off with the opening lines “lost a couple brothers to them drugs and fake pills shit” as Dystopia paints you a picture of his current situation. The MarissaHarlee shot visual is stunning as pyrotechnics pop off in the distance in the opening scene and the is followed by a display of angst fitting the alternative rock influence of the song. 

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