Mad LAtely Vol. 3: Mackk N Co Hot Boyz

Mad LAtely Vol. 3: Mackk N Co Hot Boyz

When selecting a cover artist or artists for our Mad LAtely magazine cover, we think of who’s coming out with a new project, has a rising trajectory, and has an interesting story to tell. In this case, we decided to go with an entire movement that is not only dominating LA music now, but setting themselves up to go on a 10 year run. Established in 2018, by managers Holiday and Tuck, the company was named after the late Inglewood legend Sean Mackk who Holiday and Tuck worked closely with before his untimely passing. The collective had been loosely operating under the name Bass Squad for some years prior, but they decided to move forward with the Mackk N Company name which functions as a management company, record label, distribution company, but most impressively a family. Initially, their roster featured Rucci, Bossmann, and Ride4Blackk. Today in 2020, they have grown their roster to include Carson’s Lotto Rocket, Inglewood’s White John, Lil Duece, and their newest addition 18 year old Mister from Watts, CA.

With Lotto Rocket dropping his ‘Hawaiian Hotboy’ project some months back, White John releasing his back in February, Blackk’s ‘Bet On Blackk’, Bossman’s joint tape with Kee Riches ‘BossRiches’, Mackk N Co’s compilation project, the collective has been consistently on fire since the beginning of the year. Now, as Lil Duece, Mister, and Rucci are prepping their project releases, we know they will not be cooling off anytime soon.

Stay tuned for interviews with Lotto Rocket as he talks ‘Hawaiian Hotboy’, assimilating to Mackk N Co, being Hawaiian in hip hop plus more. As well as Watts newest sensation Mister’s first interview ever, plus a dope conversation with Inglewood’s most diverse artist Lil Deuce. All dropping next week.

Our 3rd volume of Mad LAtely includes Rucci, Lotto, Mister, GoGetta KB, Beat Boy, White John and many more. Listen below on Spotify and on all platforms here!

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