Young Sixx “New West Waves” Is Sending Ripples Through The West Coast

Young Sixx “New West Waves” Is Sending Ripples Through The West Coast

Waves crash on the shore and bring new energy to the land. The same can be said about Young Sixx, an artist from the Inland Empire, by way of Germany. Since Sixx landed in Southern California he’s brought his worldly sound and mixed it with the west coast bounce to create this “New West Wave”. What that resulted in is six spectacular songs featuring some of Southern California’s best emcees. Tracks like “Used 2 Be” bring you back to the golden age of west coast hip hop, the funky bassline producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Quik and Battlecat made world famous combined with Sixx’s scintillating vocals. “Like A 64” draws from the gangster rap era titularly, however sonically is inspired by the west coast’s ratchet era in the early to mid 2010’s. The most heartfelt track is “Sacrifice & Risk” as Sixx pours out lyrics over a soulful instrumental. Released in March of 2020, the EP has already began to leave ripples through the west coast.

Growing up mainly in Germany, Sixx has a worldly view with a sound to match. Young represents the spirit and energy of life. The Sixx stands for the 6 days god took in creating the heavens and earth before resting on the seventh to imply the hard work he does. He is admittedly influenced by anyone who has overcome their circumstances to be successful. One of his biggest influences is the late Nipsey Hussle who he was able to work with titled “Countin Money”. While he continues to build his brand and network, he’s relocated to southern California where he’s acclaimated with the local scene. His most recent project “New West Wave” featured some of So-Cal’s best talent as Mike Wayne, Radiobase, and Chief Major and was met with high praise from west coast music lovers. His next project will be called “1X4 Tha I.E.” and will feature a sponsorship from burgeoning cannabis brand OUF.

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