Those who have it all, rarely remind you of it. However, there are some days when you wake up and decide to flex how you indeed have all that shit. RIDGESZN, the Connecticut collective consisting of Craigy F., Sheezter Pink, Mikey B and others, felt this exact way one morning and decided to put that energy on a record titled “All That Shit”.

The verses are kicked off by Craigy F. with the iconic bars “She say Craigy do you love me? No, but I love money though, bitches know I’m toxic, but they love it though”. Followed by Mikey B’s brash bars and Sheezter.Pink’s velvety vocals. In the Pellivision directed visual, Craigy, Sheezter and Mikey strut through New London in trucks, convertibles, because they have all that shit. Watch the first visual off “RS3: Lifestyle Crazy” below.

Stream RIDGESZN’s “RS3: Lifestyle Crazy” project here.

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