Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy Return As Half-A-Mil With Their Latest Project, ‘Also Known As’

Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy Return As Half-A-Mil With Their Latest Project, ‘Also Known As’

The California duo Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy surprise us with their fifth installment as  Half-A-MilAlso Known As. The 11-track project brings guest appearances from Nas, 24hrs, and 03 Greedo.

Dom is known for giving us that laid-back sound, with classics like From The Westside, With Love II and The Yellow album which are still a vibe til’ this day. While Hit-Boy has had an array of sounds on lock since the early 2010s, just recently grabbing a Grammy for the late Nipsey Hussle’s “Racks in the Middle” featuring Roddy Rich.

In 2016, Dom and Hit-Boy teamed up and created their own group, Half-A-Mil and released three self-titled EP’s throughout late 2016 and mid 2017 where they released their first full-length album, Courtesy of Half-A-Mil. They’ve been delivering strictly player music and this time is no different.

Half-A-Mil combines Hit-Boy and Dom’s unique composure as the two have made names for themselves as solo artists and elevate their status as a duo. A stand-out feature on this project is the legendary Nas as he joined the duo on “City On Lock”. Although Nas didn’t deliver a full verse, his hook was something we all didn’t know we needed.

“They wanted to stop, we come out on top / The oven on hot / City on lock / We not with the talk, we hit up your spot.”

Kick back and prepare yourself for the smooth sounds of Half-A-Mil. Check out the project below.

Briana Velarde

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