Blac Chyna & Trippie Redd Team Up For “Cash Only”

Blac Chyna & Trippie Redd Team Up For “Cash Only”

Blac Chyna is a well known name in the hip-hop community, but it’s not because of music. However the 32 year old is trying her hand in rapping. After releasing her first single earlier this year titled, “Seen Her”, for her sophomore single she teamed up with Trippie Redd for the track “Cash Only”. The new single also came along with a music video. 

“Cash Only” is produced by Tito justmusic, Diaz Derek, and raisedbywolvv. A definite strength on this track is the instrumental, no matter how bad the song could’ve been, the beat itself would’ve been able to carry the load. A surprising fact is that there was no auto tune or any kind of altering to Blac Chyna’s voice. Instead it was her natural voice, and let’s just say it could’ve been a lot worse. The featured artist, Trippie Redd spit a verse that included numerous money references that went perfect with the theme of the track. In the visual for the track, you can see Blac Chyna flexing her luxurious lifestyle with a whole bunch of cash. 

Overall, the track was much better than expected. With the right people around her, Blac Chyna could possibly have a legitimate career in music, and this song is evident of that. This could possibly lead up to a debut project, so expect that. “Cash Only” featuring Trippie Redd is out now on all streaming platforms, and the music video is out on YouTube.

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