Shoreline Mafia’s Perc Popper Visualizer Is a Spectacle

Shoreline Mafia’s Perc Popper Visualizer Is a Spectacle

Shoreline Mafia has not been letting up this summer. Their long awaited debut album, ‘Mafia Bidness’ releases July 31st. The East Hollywood group released another single titled, “Perc Popper”.

“Perc Popper” is the fourth single released leading up to the album release. Among the four tracks there is the Lil Yachty featured song titled, “Ride Out”. That was followed by “Gangstas & Sippas (Remix)” that features Q Da Fool and Bompton’s YG. On July 3, the group released the track “Change Ya Life” which was produced by highly talented Detroit producer, Helluva Beats. 

This track is produced by 808 Kartel which includes Yo Cam and AyeBrodar. The track features OhGeesy and Fenix Flexin’. The track doesn’t have a hook nor a chorus, but instead just two lengthy verses from both MCs. 

“Perc Popper” is something a little different than the previous couple of singles. It displays more of a lyrical approach to a track, rather than the typical party anthem that they are notorious for. The album Mafia Bidness is out on July 31. “Perc Popper” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Noah Soria

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