Rich Espy’s “Rich B4 Rap” Is His Greatest Work Yet

Rich Espy’s “Rich B4 Rap” Is His Greatest Work Yet

Rich Espy‘s project “Rich B4 Rap” is his greatest work yet, as he continues to develop his sound, and endear himself to fans on the west coast as well as Atlanta where he frequents. This is the story of a West L.A. hustler who worked for everything he has and is now sharing his life with listeners through rap. He is also accentuating the fact that he was wealthy before gracing the microphone. Rich’s story isn’t one of a starving artist with hopes of making it big, he’s a business man with an unwavering passion for rap which he is now pursuing with full force.

‘Rich B4 Rap’ has everything, from soulful bangers like “From The Westside”, to melodic bangers like “Gucci Slides”, to party anthems like “Good Girls Going Badd” and laid back hustler music with “Rich N***a Shit”. The project features guest appearances by rising South Central artist Airplane James, Lo Life Blacc, Bossman MikeSki and production is handled by Johnny Cash, Cam Beats, Ro$egold, Juno, Treelo, HT Made The Wave, and Crowe. Standouts on the project aside from the hit single “Gucci Slides” include “Still On Top” and “1st Son” as they show Rich’s versatility and song writing ability.

With this solid body of work to his name, Rich Espy is earning his place on the short list of best artists coming out of West LA, along with Yelo Hill and Big Sad 1900. You can stream “Rich B4 Rap” on all platforms here and on Spotify below.

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