Las Vegas Artist, Fendi Sean Finally Releases His Long Awaited Debut, ‘Rebirth’


For the last 3-4 years, the Las Vegas Hip-Hop scene has been slowly but surely grinding it’s way to national respect. At the heart of that, has been popular trumpeter, Fendi Sean, who’s popular trumpet melodies can be found on almost every popular Las Vegas release during the city’s renaissance courtesy of his band, The Noir Movement. After staying patient and developing a sound of his own, he releases his highly anticipated debut, Rebirth.

At 5-songs, Rebirth is true to it’s EP form, keeping things short and simple. At 17-minutes, it allows the listener the opportunity to re-run the project without feeling like they’ve been listening for too long. Utilizing the soulful sounds that have made him a city favorite, he expands on that by introducing his infectious vocal range. On songs like, “Harmony,” and “Stay Around,” he opts for the more soft tone, while on, “Love Convo,” he showcases an impressive rap flow, leaving listeners wondering if there’s more of that to come.

Without a doubt, though, the EP’s standout single is, “Sometimes.” Produced by Cameron Love, “Sometimes,” is where he brilliantly brings it all together. Meshing jazz instrumentals with a banging bassline, Sean also proves his pen on this one, crooning about a situation in which love might be getting in the way of triumph. Speaking on a notion that almost every successful human being has had to deal with, his relatable hook, “I don’t got the time for you, I’ve been on my grind for you,” is sure to be repeated at highly emotional levels all around the country.

Take a listen to his EP below and get familiar with the rising artist before the bandwagon is too filled.


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