Cleveland Rapper, Freshie Delivers His Impressive New Project

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Coming out of Cleveland, Ohio, rising rapper, Freshie is one of my favorite underground artists on the scene. Getting hip to him last year through his brilliant 2019 project, Bad Behavior, I’ve followed his progression throughout most of the year. Releasing a handful of singles and torching a few feature appearances, it seems as if the Midwest native has been on a mission to prove something. Looking to double down, he unleashes his dope new full length, Ready or Not.

At 12-tracks, Ready or Not is a perfectly sequenced album that gives Freshie just enough time to showcase his talent without things getting too bloated. Featuring production from Mathaius Young, Icy Black, SuperDuperp and more, one of the immediate things about the project that catches you is the use of popular samples in some of the records. On, “Dirt,” and, “Let’s Do It,” he and SuperDuperp attack, “Air Force Ones,” and “O Let’s Do It,” respectively, while on the project’s standout single, “Be Alone,” he and Young collaborate for their dazzling take on Aaliyah’s 2000 single, “I Don’t Wanna.”

Other standout songs on the project include, “Phone Ring,” a high-octane adventurous track, “The Old Me,” which finds Freshie geniusly blending Hip-Hop and Punk Rock elements and, “Mad At Me,” the project’s outro that quietly continues his sample affair by attacking, “Like You,” from Bow Wow and Ciara. In all, this project does a great job of showcasing exactly what makes Freshie an underground darling. With no features, Ready or Not is the perfect chance for you to get familiar with the Cleveland emcee.

Check out the project below and get hip.


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