STEELZ “Steel Ain’t Changed” Is Filled With West Coast All-Stars

STEELZ “Steel Ain’t Changed” Is Filled With West Coast All-Stars

Long Beach super Producer STEELZ has never changed. Since a teen he’s been a standout in his area, producing music for local acts in his area during the height of the jerking movement. Since then, he’s gone on to produce tracks for A-List artists such as Quavo, Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg, Tory Lanez, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, G Eazy and more. Now, he’s releasing his first official body of work titled “Steel Ain’t Changed” which features an All-Star cast of West Coast artists including $tupid Young, AzChike, AD, RJMrLA, Rucci, Kalan.frfr, BOE Sosa, Azjah, KrukOne, Yelo Hill, and more.

The project opens with “Run It Up” as Fresco G‘s hazy vocals shine on melodic production. Steelz follows up with “No Language” a smoother than freshly polished chrome record, featuring silky spanglish verses by Emilio Rojas, Oplus, & Prince Sole. “Get The Memo” smacks you like a stapler to the forehead as RJ, Rucci, $tupid Young and Azjah scribble their best verses in their note pads then deliver them with the fury of 100 disgruntled postal workers. $tupid Young and Steelz chemistry combines to create the heartfelt “When I Go” as Young asks about the what ifs in life, it’s easily one of the best songs on the project. It doesn’t take long for Steelz to return to his roots however with “Steel Ratchet”, AzChike and Rucci recite raunchy raps while the production rings off like a retired ratchet who conveniently forgot her wedding band. The anthemic “I Like Bitches” is a natural fit here, as Yelo Hill enthusiastically describes how much he loves women in every shape, size and color. “Push To Start” featuring Mbnel, Chris O’Bannon, and Azjah changes the mood as the three artists croon about speeding away from lost love. AD brings levity back to the forefront as he tells tales of being a male escort in a past life colored with countless hilarious details on “Slang D”. The next three tracks are the peak of the thuggin’ ethos of the album as Yelo Hill, Mexcco, BOE Sosa, Young Drummer Boy, Kruk One and Slim 400 each pistol whip Steelz production with spirited street bars. “Boondocks” is a graceful, masterpiece of a hood love song by AD, Hi-Tone, and Jayson Cash. The project closes with a pleasant appearance by Atlanta’s Rocko on “Dope Man”, the previously released “Switch Sides” and the remix to “I Like Bitches” featuring RJMrLA, and Vinny West.

Stream the project on all platforms here and below on Soundcloud.

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