DopeSlang Jr & RappinAssPeso Freestyle Over “What You Want” (Visual)

DopeSlang Jr & RappinAssPeso Freestyle Over “What You Want” (Visual)

Venice, CA artist DopeSlang Jr. is back with a brand new visual titled “What You Want” featuring RappinAssPeso directed by Killian Kali. Dopeslang went to town over the classic Ma$e and Total track, spewing bars like “If I take a L, I’ma bounce right back, do she love the way I rap, or do she love my stacks, I ain’t mean to dog you baby shit, it just get like that”. Peso followed up with “I had to get back up on my marathon that bullshit had me stagnant, I get sacked they supposed to take me if they catch me lackin”. As the California sun sets in the distance Slang and Peso show you a window into their lifestyle. 

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