YS Featuring Rucci “Overkill” (Video)

YS Featuring Rucci “Overkill” (Video)

Compton’s YS doesn’t know moderation. Since his entrance in the rap game with the viral hit “Bompton”, he has yet to let his foot off the gas. Today, he goes for the “Overkill” with frequent collaborator, Inglewood’s own Rucci.

YS is lyrically sharp as ever with piercing lyrics like “Ima give that boy a halo, hope he catch a blessing”. Rucci doubles back with “We going for that overkill, bullets gon’ hit him just like Holyfield, show him how that .40 feel”. The visual shot by AyeRob shows the two through a 007 style scope, as they confidently present threats to the opposition like they just graduated from the James Bond academy. 

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