Get Familiar With Maryland Rapper, Ty Thom & His Thrilling New Single, “Benz Truck.”


Rappers often wish for extravagant things such as perfect women, billions of dollars, expensive clothes and more. But the one thing that rappers talk about more than anything is cars. There’s a very good chance that you are currently aware of what your favorite rapper drives, or hopes to drive in the near future. Hailing from Maryland, Ty Thom is no different when it comes to his desires, though his approach seems like he’s not just wishing, as he releases his new video for, “Benz Truck.”

Directed by Tyrell Thomas, the most notable thing about the the video is that it does indeed include a Mercedes Benz truck. While this may seem inconsequential, millions of independent rappers name their songs after lavish things and when the video comes, those things are never to be found. Combine his sheer ability to captivate you as an artist, with his dedication to living his words, and you may have a star in the making.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Ty Thom.


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