Big $wift Continues Potent Output With “Perc” Visual

Big $wift Continues Potent Output With “Perc” Visual

Big $wift has been prescribing his patients extremely potent music for some time now, but he’s turned up the dosage even more on his viral single “Perc”. The Southeast LA rapper found himself in the midst of a wild night at an undisclosed location with a gaggle of scantily clad dancers lusting after his attention like shots of 1942 in the club. 

“Perc” is quickly becoming one of Big $wift’s biggest songs as it has organically grown online sparking the “Perc” challenge by influencers on Triller and TikTok. The video directed by High World Visuals was originally premiered on prestigious YouTube channel RapNation and has gained nearly 10 thousand views in less than 24 hours. 

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