Ascending New York City Duo, Briguel Deliver Their Positive New EP, ‘2020 Vision’

Ascending New York City Duo, Briguel Deliver Their Positive New EP, ‘2020 Vision’


Music that heals the mind, body and soul will always be more valued than anything in this world, especially during times of turmoil. There’s no other piece of entertainment that can make you feel so seen, so related too and connected with as music does. Coming out of New York City, artist couple Briguel pretty much dedicate all of their musical career to this notion. Heal the people, and everybody will thrive, and that’s the exact message they are pushing on their brilliant new EP, 2020 Vision.

Clocking in at 6-tracks and 10-minutes, 2020 Vision is a short, but effective project that does a great job in promoting positive energy through its’ music. Comprised of Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, the duo additionally connects with Andres Gonzales, who is by their side the entire project. Utilizing Brianne’s angelic vocals to go along with steady and intriguing cadences from Miguel and Gonzalez, the project find’s it’s footing within the chemistry of those 3 bouncing off one another, continuously giving the other enough room to express themselves without any clutter. Another notable nugget about the release is that it was produced entirely by Matt Chiaraville, an impressive feat when you listen to the clarity of this project.

Take a listen to the EP below and get familiar with Briguel, one of the more intriguing new duos in all of music.


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