Ascending East Coast Rapper, Cash Cow R0m0 Delivers His Adventurous New Single, “Run”

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With everything that’s going on, music is something that’s a key proponent in bringing people together. For some, they bond over powerful and uplifting music and process the moment, while others prefer to stay positive and try to see the light during this situation. Hailing from Pittsburgh, rising rapper Cash Cow R0m0 has the talent to produce both, but he stands firm on the latter as he turns in his fun new record, “Run.”

Featuring a possessed R0m0 going absolutely apeshit, the rising rapper does a brilliant job of showcasing his ability to shift through different vocal tones with complete ease, almost sounding like a group of different people. Produced by #GilesHasIt (F.K.A. Cash Cow Kilz), the production also does a great job of making sure he’s melodically backed when making those changes. Marrying the two together, and you get one of the better releases that you may have missed while focusing on other events, we just hope we’re able to see a video soon.

Listen to the single below and get familiar with the Cash Cow boys.


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