MAD LAtely: Bino Rideaux Is OUTSIDE (Interview by Rosecrans Vic)

MAD LAtely: Bino Rideaux Is OUTSIDE (Interview by Rosecrans Vic)

Bino Rideaux is outta here. Although he has been visible on the Los Angeles music scene since 2015 and has been featured on songs with the likes Sauce Walka, Young Dolph, Ty Dolla $ign and the late Nipsey Hussle, he is finally having a moment all his own. Rideaux has gained a loyal following due to hit songs like “On My Soul“, “Bozo“, and “Savage“, racking up millions of plays on each. Since his first Soundcloud upload, Bino has been on a short list of the most original sounding artists to ever come out of Los Angeles. While he admits to being timid and appears to have an introverted personality, ‘Outside’ is symbolic of him escaping his shell fully and entering the race against the proverbial hare.

We selected Bino Rideaux to grace the cover of our new playlist titled Mad LAtely, curated by LeRamp James. With every Mad LAtely playlist cover update, we will be coupling it with an exclusive interview of the cover artist. I spoke to Bino about his new project “Outside”, the meaning behind it, the pain in his music, his relationship with emerging duo BlueBucksClan, what’s next for him in 2020 and more below.

What’s been the reception to your project so far?

It exceeded our expectations, we thought it was gonna do good, but breaking top 20, and all that, I wasn’t expecting all that… I’m real happy with the way shit been going. 

Is this a mixtape or album and what’s the difference to you?

This ain’t the album, this is just the tape right before the debut album. I just wanted to give the fans something, this is music I’ve been working on, even before I signed my deal. But for the debut album I really wanna come correct and build it up into the best thing it could possibly be.   

What does the title “Outside” mean? Is this meant to be listened to outside?

It’s more-so the energy of outside, because outside sounds good to everybody right now (laughs). We’re all longing to get out there, but I feel like on a regular basis if you go outside in my city you’re gonna feel my energy as well as whatever artist is making noise in their city, you can feel the energy. I’m just a real n***a in these streets, putting that good music out, doing his shit, and we be outside though. 

On “Cold Feet” you said “I’m really campaigning I remember I used to have cold feet”, what did you mean by that? 

With this industry shit, breaking that wall down being a new artist, and regular life shit, you can’t wait on nothing, you kinda just gotta take advantage of your moment, seize every opportunity. I used to be timid, I used to feel like I was just making music, but you really have to campaign, really put on. That’s what I learned about the game. 

Do you feel like you’re fully embracing being Bino Rideaux now, as an artist?

Yeah it’s different now, I can’t do alotta shit, it’s weird. I can’t just walk through alotta places I used to walk through without pictures and you know all the shit that come with this shit. That’s the only thing that makes me feel different, other than that, I be coolin at the house, regular.

“Hold it in” was a song where I could really hear pain more so than the other records on the project. Was it difficult to make that song?

Nah…when I made that song, you know Hit-Boy produced that so I went to his studio, and the mic was outside right next to the board, it wasn’t in the booth. It was a gang of Hit-boy’s homies in there and he was playing that beat when I walked in and I’m like yeah load that up…we just got straight to work. That was just the vibe bro, that song is a pain song fosho, but it’s showing light in a dark situation. I lost my homie, he shining on my chain forever, we gon’ ball forever. I gave a shoutout to all my n***as, saying they gon’ do what they want but I can’t control them, but love ‘em. It’s battle-scars.  

Is it important to you to have a well balanced project, with pain music, songs for girls like “fuccwithchu”, and songs like “Breakfast” or is that something you don’t think about too deeply?

I think about it just ‘cause it’s like, okay what is this n***as real sound, that used to be a question. As to how I can fit all type of shit on one project, I just look at it as vibes bro, we got different vibes different days.

Can you tell us how “Breakfast” came together and about your relationship with BluebucksClan.

I fuck with The Clan bro, them n***as, they’re next up in the city right now. They tapped in and we was fuckin’ with their music and from then on they been pulling up and we been working. “Breakfast” is probably the second song we did. I did the verse and hook and said I need y’all on here. I fuck with them, they go crazy. You don’t see alotta rap groups like them. That shit hard. 

Are there any artists you were supposed to have on the project but fell through due to timing ?

Yeah it was a few artist I was supposed to have on there, I don’t wanna call out no names and put them out there, but it was some bangers that were supposed to go down. Crazy shit, but we’ll get to it and save ‘em for the album..

Is Sixtape 2 coming out in 2020?

I feel like it is, honestly. It makes alotta sense.

I feel like you & Blxst just need one weekend in the studio together and it’ll be done..

Man yeah (laughs)…one day. 

Anything you wanna tell the people?

Stream “Outside” on all DSPs, fuck with me.

Photo by @JenJPhoto @ Outside Listening Party 5/21/2020

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