Long Beach Rapper, BACKWOOD BRAT Returns With Her Engaging New Video


Consistency is key to carving a place out for yourself in the music industry. With everything moving at light speed, and hundreds of thousands of new releases every day, the only way to siphon through the madness and get your art across is to be both talented and relentless. Hailing from Long Beach, rising rapper BACKWOOD BRAT happens to be both of those things, and she continues her impressive year with the new video for, “On ‘Em.”

Directed by buzzing videographer, Brainztem, “On ‘Em,” takes place in deserted, graffiti-filled overpass where BRAT and her friends the good weather and scenery by dancing, shooting water guns and more. But, don’t let the good vibes fool you. One listen to the record will find you hearing a very confident rapper calling out any and every challenger. Spazzing over the J Glaze production, BRAT proves she’s more than just the flavor of the moment.

Check out the video below and get familiar with BACKWOOD BRAT.


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