In This Time of Patience & Distance JJ Adrian Releases Debut EP “While We Wait”

JJ Adrian is a 25 year old Berklee College of Music alumni who is beginning his ascent into R&B lore with his first body of music titled “While We Wait”. Having been surrounded by legends such as Stevie Wonder since a youth, JJ is no stranger to greatness. The Vancouver, Canada native has released a two pack of songs about love and communication or the lack there of with delightful vocals over minimalistic production. On “No Service” Adrian speaks on wishing he could throw his phone away in a sorrowful falsetto, while “Phone Home” has him reminiscing on better days.

JJ and his set up a phone number to tease the music + support the theme of communication. It got 100+ calls in a day and we have received approximately 20 voicemails from listeners.

The songs speak to the conflicting relationship of being away from your loved ones and from the devices that also disconnect us. Exclusive one minute previews of both songs are accessible by calling the number, 1(604) 337-7469.

JJ Adrian

Stream the album below on Spotify and on all platforms here.

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