Santana818 x Rappa Link With Rucci For “My Own Boss” Off ‘Slap Season Vol. 1’

Santana818 x Rappa Link With Rucci For “My Own Boss” Off ‘Slap Season Vol. 1’

San Fernando Valley staple, Santana818 is back with a brand new slapper titled “My Own Boss” featuring Rucci. Like a true boss, Santana shows his paper is together and is subsequently surrounded by a gaggle of beautiful women. It seems like Tony Montana’s mantra of first you get the money, then you got the power, then you get the women, rings true decades later and Santana is displaying just that in his new visual. Inglewood’s Rucci stops by the studio to turn up and record with Santana and Rappa while he lays a fire verse and draw some inspiration from the raunchy environment.

The visual is directed by Platinum producer DJ Flipp, who has recently picked up the camera and added Director to his arsenal. This single is on Santana818 and Rappa’s new joint project “Slap Season Vol. 1”.

Slap season Vol. 1 consist of all West Coast Slaps hand crafted by Rappa and lyrics sautéed by Santana 818. Me and rappa are the Latinos versions of Mustard and YG and with co-sign/ production from 10Summers LarryJayy on the tape on the record with Rico Recklezz it’s safe to say we’re on the right path. The vibe is a party from start to finish, and the theme behind it is we wanted to come up with a project that was all slaps from start to finish and we have a lot in the vault so “slap season” felt right cuz whenever we drop the rest of the series (vol.2,3,4 etc..) just know it’s slap season. Also slap season is a pre introduction to the “Slap” in “Slapeton” which is next to come. 


Listen to ‘Slap Season Vol. 1‘ Below.

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