Wallie The Sensei, The One Who Comes Next

Wallie The Sensei, The One Who Comes Next

Sen is an honorific term shared in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture that means “before”. The term Sei means “birth or living”. Combined, they create the word Sensei which means “person born before another” or “one who comes before”. If a person is born before another they can blaze a trail and learn skills, then provide guidance to those born after. Over time, the word Sensei evolved into a general term for those who teach.

Wallie The Sensei is a 25 year old singer out of Compton, California who is teaching us about scandalous tales that occur growing up in his section through the innate pain in his voice. While many think of an archetype similar to Mr. Miyagi when they hear the word “Sensei”, Wallie is providing guidance to those who come after, through his music. Songs like “Scandalous” exemplify his God-given ability to sing, while expressing the struggles of paranoia one goes through everyday being in the midst of a dangerous environment.

His first song, “Not Real Interlude” was released over a year ago on his Soundcloud, leans much more towards R&B as he croons about being in love in heavy autotune. From his frequent use of autotune you’d think it was a crutch for not being vocally capable, however that’s far from true. Some light digging on Instagram will show a video where his impressive raw vocals are on display.

His most recent visual “Hercules”, directed by Dundee Films, shows a window into his life as he and his squad strong arm a house and flex the coin earned from the mission.

Wallie’s “Scandalous” has been played on The LA Leakers Shade45 show, thanks to DJ Gabe C, and was also selected as DJ Carisma’s pick this week on Nick Cannon Mornings. With cosigns from Mozzy, Bravo The Bagchaser and now Rucci, plus a formidable amount of musical dexterity, Wallie is poised to be the one who comes next.

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  1. Hey hey, I’m a 40 year old white dude in Wisconsin. Your music is awesome and I hope you swim in Grammy awards. You deserve them. SO TALENTED!

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