Los Angeles Born MoneyTalkJ Talks and Bullshit Walks| Watch “Bussin” Now!|

Los Angeles Born MoneyTalkJ Talks and Bullshit Walks| Watch “Bussin” Now!|

An adjective used to describe a hit song is money. When you’re in the studio and you hear what you perceive is a hit, you say “this is money”, and when a song is terrible you can hear people describe that song as bullshit. “Money talks, bullshit walks” is a popular idiom used from the 1980’s til now, its origin however, practically untraceable, but it was first published in Stephen King’s “The Drawing of Three” (1983). Since then, it’s been used in corporate sales meetings, rapper’s lyrics, movies, and sprinkled in as mild advice to someone in need of motivation. But one thing that’s remained constant since the invention of currency is “money talks”.

MoneyTalkJ is a 20 year old rapper from Los Angeles, CA by way of Santa Barbara. When things aren’t handed to you, and you have to earn everything you have from an early age, you understand the concept of “money talks” very early on. J was influenced by YG, Shoreline Mafia, 1TakeJay, SOBxRBE, as you can tell from his distinct west-coast sound. Growing up in Los Angeles from a young age shaped him into fan of Los Angeles hip-hop early, and moving to the 805 later in life gave him a very unique perspective where he was able to appreciate all of California’s music and incorporate all styles into his own.

“Bussin” was produced by sought after Bay Area producer Yung Pear features his signature xylophone, setting the table for MoneyTalkJ to create a party anthem.

When asked about why he thinks this song has been his most successful to this point he stated.

A lot of people love that song, it’s a club banger, gets the ladies to Buss down and twerk. 


The success of the song catapulted to him to hometown hero as he’s been the go to opening act when bigger west coast acts have a tour stop in Santa Barbara. MoneyTalkJ has opened up for Rucci and ShooterGang Kony in recent months. And so the truth remains today, money talks.

Watch “Bussin” directed by Ethan Koster below.

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