Mike Dinero Returns With “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” EP

Mike Dinero Returns With “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” EP

Northeast Los Angeles rapper Mike Dinero is relentless. Like Diddy in his heyday, Mike refuses to let up despite any obstacles that try to impede his progress. Although we’re all currently in an unprecedented global pandemic which has caused countless things to stop, pause, and close for business completely, Mike refuses to take his foot off the gas. His EP, aptly titled “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is four songs filled with slick talk and top notch production by Matt Bricks, Omega, NineSoul and more.

The project opens with “One Two Three”, a song filled with humble brag bars that shows Mike at his most apathetic, yes he’s a real player in the game, but it’s regular. The second track “Where Wuz You” is an introspective song where he questions the loyalty of those around him. In his third track “Brag Different” he’s completely immersed in his bag, floating on the beat, gloating like no one else can. The project closes with “Hunnid Truths” a hypnotizing, soulful record produced by NineSoul where Dinero shows vulnerability and opens up about his truth, speaks people he’s lost and his most inner-thoughts.

I keep a duffle bag full of bad b*tches, but it be money over p*ssy so I brag different.

-Mike Dinero “Brag Different”

Listen to the project below on Spotify and on all platforms here.

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