Rising Rappers, Devo & Hotelroom Clique Up For Their Engaging New Video


With the mandatory quarantine starting to come to an end in many U.S. cities, you can start to feel the energy and angst of a public longing for some social interaction. Despite this, we’re still in the house, and we’re still looking for whatever ways to entertain ourselves. As for artists, they’re doing their best to stay creative. Hailing from Arizona by way of Chicago, rapper, Devo enlists popular underground artist Hotelroom for their engaging new single, “Demise.”

Shot by PeasBlakePeas, “Demise” is an authentically engaging video that finds Devo and Hotelroom moving around metropolitan Arizona, looking for things to keep them occupied. Sporting an infectious knack for melodic progression and some witty rhymes, the duo does a great job at keeping the listener engaged by switching through different flows and never staying on the same melody for too long. Utilizing a stout chemistry, the two make for a intriguing new video.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Devo and Hotelroom.


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