PettyPetty & Bravo The Bagchaser Pairing On “Purple Drank” Is As Natural As Lemon-Lime

PettyPetty & Bravo The Bagchaser Pairing On “Purple Drank” Is As Natural As Lemon-Lime

The Remix has been a popular tool for reinvigorating a record since the 90’s. Credited with the invention of the remix is none other than multi-platinum Producer/Rapper/Mogul Diddy, who’s catalogue boasts some of the best remixes of all time. It worked for Bad Boy’s inaugural artist Craig Mack, who’s remix for “Flavor In Ya Ear” added LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Rampage, and The Notorious B.I.G. The song peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994 and the original version was nominated for a Grammy in 1995 for best solo rap performance. While the first version is a stand alone classic, the remix is extremely memorable.

In 2003, The Coca Cola Company came out with a new beverage named “Sprite Remix”. The sweet new soda’s marketing campaign was aimed at young hip-hop fans as their commercials featured graffiti, lowrider bikes, a cameo by The Neptunes. The sugary soft drink was later discontinued, but the name lives on forever thanks to hip-hop culture. The term “remix a sprite”, means to pour your desired amount of prescription cough syrup into a cup filled with a Sprite or a similar soda. Once the soda is mixed with the syrup, you call it lean, screw, or purple drank.

In 2019, PettyPetty and Laudiano mixed syrupy vocals over ice cold production to create “Purple Drank”. Since then, its amassed over 120,000 plays on Soundcloud becoming one of his most successful songs to date.

Today, Petty remixed his crisp concoction by adding 16 milliliters of highly potent Bravo The Bagchaser bars on the Laudiano production. Both Petty and Bravo publicly display their affection for the drank which makes for a pairing as natural as lemon-lime. Bravo raps “One up top, body drop, bitch I bleed the scenery, double cup on me, bitch I got some purp in it” as him and Petty toast double cups.

If you haven’t listened to Bravo The Bagchaser’s recent project “Born 2 Win”, click here.

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