Check Out Las Vegas Artist, Baby Gemini & Her Exciting New Single

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Las Vegas is a town of many talents. Glitz and glamour are the two things that determine a good product in Sin City, and many natives have found ways to enter the race for themselves. One of those creatives is Baby Gemini, a rising artist who’s parlayed her massive OnlyFans fanbase into some buzz for her music as well. Showing the world that her talents are multifaceted, she let’s go of her anthemic new single, “Set It Off.”

Sporting Midwest inspired production and an incredibly engaging vocal tone, the immediate sonics of the single are a lot to take in. From the jump, she lays her cards on the table, exhibiting a fierce aggression to along with a lightening quick cadence. Getting some feelings off about annoying, “Twitter bitches,” she keeps her scope focused and does a great job at bringing that same energy out of the listener, something that’s impressive for a newer artist to be able to do.

Make sure you listen to, “Set It Off,” below and get very familiar with Baby Gemini.


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